On September 10th, Ara shared pictures she took in LA through her photo gallery on the popular forum, “DC Inside”. She wrote the following message about her trip to LA along with a few pictures:


            “Hello everyone ~^^* Everyone in the gallery, the American performance was fun ~^^ And I had a good trip~^^ It’s raining a lot these days~^^* I hope that all of you guys are filled with good thoughts and have wonderful days~^^*”


It seems like Ara went on a trip to LA on the 4th for the “SM Town Live 10 World Tour in LA” held at the Staples Center. Those who saw the pictures commented on her “goddess-like beauty’ saying: “How is her skin so white ~~~~ jealous ~”, “Wow! Goddess Ara!!!!!!!!!! Wow, so pretty!”, “She went for a concert but ended up doing a photoshoot”.


External from soompi image


External from soompi image


On the other hand, it has been revealed that Ara is resting while looking for her next project after her stint on the 2009 MBC Wednesday-Thursday Drama “Head First into the Ground”.



Source: Chosun Sports