They say that you can’t deceive blood and in this photo of Go Eun Ah and her younger brother, MBLAQ’s Mir, it certainly rings true.

On March 14, Go Eun Ah posted, “My first filming with my son. Everyone, please watch our first episode of our drama in real-time! Thanks for agreeing to appear on the drama,” along with a photo.

The “son” that Go Eun Ah is talking about is none other than her very own younger brother, Mir. In the photo, Go Eun Ah is sporting a short haircut with a casual outfit. She is boasting a perfect androgynous charm, which makes the two siblings look even more alike.

Netizens who came across the photo commented, “I thought they were brother and sister but I guess they are brother and brother,” “Superior genes in this household,” “They look like a good pair of siblings,” and many more.

Meanwhile, Go Eun Ah is filming for the upcoming drama, “The Strongest K-Pop Survival,” which is to air on March 19.