On August 29th, MBLAQ’s G.O. held an interesting Twitter conversation with BEAST’s Yoseob regarding their upcoming plans. The conversation has all their Latin American fans in shock since the news is relevant to them.

Yoseob wrote: “Hyung you worked the hardest!! he he to where are you traveling overseas?” to which G.O. replied: “Thank you awesome Yoseob!! he he I’m going to Brazil and Peru ~ Let’s meet up before then!!! Let’s eat yummy things he he” then, Yoseob also replied back: “Hyung when you go to Brazil please buy a soccer ball for Doojoon…..hehehehehe.”

Just weeks ago, MBLAQ was confirmed to assist as judges for the KPOP Cover Dance Festival to be held in Brazil on September 7th. Peruvian fans as well as Brazilian fans are very excited because they will be the first K-Pop group to ever visit Latin America!

Stay tuned to Soompi for more updates on this amazing piece of news!