Actress Go Hyung Jung and Girls Generation member Sooyoung donned the same skirt but showed off two completely different styles.

Both are wearing a long pleated red skirts for two different magazines’ photo shoot.

First, Go Hyun Jung has announced the start of her new show on SBS titled, “Go Show,” while posing in the famous fashion magazine, Vogue. She styled her skirt with a simple yet stylish white blouse portraying an overall graceful and classy look.  With just part of her leg exposed through the sea of red, she managed to bring out the hidden playfulness of the skirt while posing in a poised and collected fashion.

Sooyoung, on the other hand, is known to be the member in Girls Generation with the thinnest body. She used this in her favor whilst posing for InStyle magazine this past April in the same pleated red skirt. The lengthy red skirt accentuated her long legs and gave the picture an overall feminine feeling. She playfully throws up the front part of her skirt which creates a lighthearted atmosphere as if to represent the coming of Spring.

Viewers of both photo spreads shower the two women with compliments like, “They both look beautiful!” “It really is a style that no one else can pull off,” “Soo Young is becoming prettier as the days go by,” and “Go Hyun Jung must be a vampire, she doesn’t seem to age.”

Who do you like better?