In a recent interview with High Cut magazine, Go Jun Hee shared why she chose JTBC’s “Untouchable” for her small screen comeback.

The actress explained, “I had a lot of faith in the director, and more importantly, it was a character that I wanted to challenge myself with. I often hear that I look like a ‘chic modern woman,’ but I never had a chance to play that kind of role.” She also added, “I also wanted to try acting with Kim Sung Kyun.”

Go Jun Hee revealed a little about how she rests on set, saying, “I relieve stress by singing out loud with the staff during breaks. I even bought a portable microphone. I enjoy listening to 2NE1’s songs.”

She explained, “[I] turn music on during commercial shoots as well to liven up the atmosphere. I don’t really have a favorite song. I want to sing well, but it doesn’t work out the way I want it to.”

When asked if she wished to be called anything else from her current “titles” such as “the ideal type of many male celebrities,” and “short hair goddess,” Go Jun Hee answered, “No. I am very thankful for the titles I already have.”

Go Jun Hee’s pictorial can be seen in the January edition of High Cut.

Watch the actress in “Untouchable,” beginning with the first episode below!

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