Top stars Go So Young and Jo In Sung might have stayed away from much celebrity activities lately, but their endorsement fees are still industry-highs. Go So Young just recently had a new baby with actor Jang Dong Gun, while Jo In Sung just completed his two year military service in Korea.

After giving birth to her first son last October, Go So Young has signed five advertisement contracts so far. Earlier this year, she first modeled for LG Electronics’ Tromm Steam Washers, followed by CJ’s “Happy Bean” tofu products. She also signed endorsement contracts with LG’s ReEn shampoo, Cable channel StoryOn, and a local cosmetic brand.

Her latest modeling fee for the cosmetic brand was worth nearly $700,000 USD for a full year, which is top A-class level similar to what other top actresses like Go Hyun Jung, Lee Young Ae, and Kim Nam Joo command per appearance. That would give Go So Young an estimated $3.5 million USD in total endorsement fees, as an industry source said, “Go So Young, despite not having much celebrity activities due to her wedding and pregnancy, has surprisingly seen her endorsement fees spike. Her husband Jang Dong Gun was even amazed by it.”

Jo In Sung, on the other hand, signed six ad contracts so far since his release from the military last May. His first contract was with outdoor gear brand Black Yak, followed by SK Telesys smartphone W, Woongjin’s Baba Coffee, Cass beer, cosmetic brand Hera Homme, and Outback Stackhouse. The speed and amount of contracts Jo In Sung was able to pull in have been better than that of the recently conscripted Hyun Bin’s. Hyun Bin reportedly made about $4 million USD from six endorsement contracts in the last two months prior to his military enlistment. Jo In Sung, however, received more than $5 million USD from the same number of contracts.

In the mean time, Jo In Sung is expected to continue getting more advertisement offers. The movie he’s scheduled to appear in will start filming in September or October, giving him more free time to focus on endorsement contracts. A person close to Jo In Sung said, “Following his military release, he’s been extremely busy with all the commercial modeling opportunities. I think this schedule will continue over the summer as well.”

Source: Ilkan Sports