On the recent episode of cable channel Y-STAR’s “Curious,” which was aired on July 5, actress Go So Young’s education regimen for her son was revealed.

The topic of this show was the top seven education arrangements by the celebrities based on the votes from 500 people. The power couple Go So Young and actor Jang Dong Gun’s “High Priced Education Type” was ranked fifth.

The show revealed photos of Go So Young as she took her son to his kindergarten. Unlike her usual top star image, Go So Young appeared like any other mother as she drove herself in a comfortable outfit and minimal makeup.

It was estimated that the kindergarten her son attends, which is located in the city of Gangnam, charges approximately 1,100 USD per month.

An expert stated, “On average, parents who live in Gangnam spend about 170,000 USD on their child’s English lessons from childhood to high school.”

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