Actor Go Soo confessed, “There are times when smart people make me feel inferior.”

Go Soo caught up with OSEN at a café in the Jongno neighborhood of Seoul on December 12 to discuss his experience filming the movie “The Tailors.”

The actor plays the lead role in “The Tailors,” which tells a story of desire and jealousy as tailors working in the Sanguiwon seek to create beautiful clothing. The Sanguiwon was an institution during the Joseon period that was in charge of royal attire. The film deals with various uncomfortable emotions including feelings of inferiority. Go Soo’s character is Lee Gong Jin, a free spirit who finds his true identity in tailoring clothing for the royal family.

Go Soo explains his character, “It seems that genius is made through effort. I think it isn’t chance, but the result of long-term exertion and hard work.”

When asked about feelings of inferiority, Go Soo responds, “Of course I’ve also felt this at times. I occasionally experience these types of emotions when I see people who are smart and study effectively.” He added, “If I feel inferior, I’m the type of person who uses that emotion as motivation.”

“The Tailors” focuses on the Sanguiwon, which made royal attire during the Joseon period. It is the first film to treat this subject and stars Han Suk Kyu, Go Soo, Park Shin Hye, Yoo Yeon Seok, and Ma Dong Seok. Scheduled to open on December 24, it is directed by Lee Won Suk, whose previous film was “How to Use Guys with Secret Tips” (2013).