The Gyeongbuk Police Agency just reported that “God God” of the Nth Room Sex Abuse Case which involved the sexual abuse and torture of underage girls for the viewing of paying subscribers to the “Nth Room” Telegram chatrooms, has finally been arrested.


God God, who had been managing the Nth Rooms since late 2018, began to hide his whereabouts last September due to his upcoming college entrance exam.


It’s been revealed that God God is currently 24 years old and was one of the main administrators of the chatrooms.

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The police stated that they received a confession from God God and that they arrested him without a warrant for violating the children and young boys’ and girls’ sex protection law.


Cho Joo Bin, who was also a main administrator of the Nth Rooms, was arrested on March 18.


In addition, Cho Joo Bin’s accomplices, Lee Won Ho and Kang Hoon were also arrested and their identities were revealed to the public.