Singer groups from JYP Entertainment, all groomed by Park Jin Young, have been found to bear a mysterious similarity: While the groups are gaining great popularity, one member from the group leaves. From G.O.D., there was Yoon Kye Sang.  From WonderGirls, there was HyunA.  Most recently, Jaebum has also left 2PM.

2004: Yoon Kye Sang leaves G.O.D.; group stays as four members. Hailed as the “National Group” with the “JYP Idol” image, G.O.D. gained great
popularity as “the group which Park Jin Young made”, and was also
called the “Big Brothers” of JYP. The group consisted of five members: Park Joon Hyung, Son Ho Young, Danny
Ahn, Kim Tae Woo, and Yoo Kye Sang. In 2001, there were the rumors of
eldest “hyung”, member Park Joon Hyung leaving, but in 2004, member Yoon Kye Sang left to pursue
an acting career.  This left many fans puzzled and dazed. Afterwards, G.O.D. released their 6th album in three years as four members. And in 2007, they released their last album as G.O.D.

2007: HyunA leaves WonderGirls; Yoo Bin joins.  WonderGirls, who are currently taking on the world’s stage, has also experienced a lose of a member when they first debuted. Member HyunA
left the group due to health conditions in July 2007. She was replaced by new member
Yoo Bin, and they filmed the MV for “Tell Me” together, which became a big hit in Korea. Recently, HyunA had her comeback as
part of 4Minute.

2009: Jaebum leaves 2PM. What comes after? After G.O.D. and WonderGirls, 2PM faces the same situation. Their
leader member Jaebum left the group on September 8th due to a controversy raised by messages he wrote on his
MySpace page before his debut. He left the group in just three days after the
saga was caused and returned to his hometown of Seattle on September 8th. Meanwhile, fans are coming together as a collective strength and
submitted their petitions to JYP about the Jaebum case. JYP has not released any official statements about what are the plans for
2PM from now. G.O.D had gone on without that one member, and for WonderGirls they
had a new member and achieved great success. Fans look at this
mysterious similarities and worries what will happen next. As the leader to the group, Jaebum holds a strong image in the group
now left with six members: Junsu, Chan Sung, Taecyeon, Jun Ho, Woo Young and
Nichkhun. Fans are greatly anticipating the group’s future plans.

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