G.O.D’s Kim Tae Woo has become a father. On April 20, a representative for Kim Tae Woo told Star News, “In the afternoon of April 18, Kim Tae Woo’s wife gave birth to a healthy daughter at the hospital. Currently, they are resting at home.”

The person went on saying, “The mother and the baby are both in a healthy state. The baby looks like both her mother and father, half-and-half. Many people were curious if the baby would be born very big because of Kim Tae Woo’s large frame, however, she was born at an average weight like most other babies.” According to the representative, a name for the daughter hasn’t been decided yet. At the moment, they are calling her “Baby T,” which derives from using the first letter of Kim Tae Woo’s name.

Kim Tae Woo was recently on KBS 2TV “Immortal Song 2,” where he mentioned that the baby was due soon. He also expressed his love for his wife and daughter. In addition, he was already getting attention for his twitter profile where he wrote, “A fool that only knows his daughter,” even before she was born.

Last December, Kim Tae Woo tied the knot with an non-celebrity, Kim Ae Ri(29), who is a year younger than him, at the Sheraton Walkerhill Hotel. At the time, he got people’s attention for truthfully revealing that he got his wife pregnant before getting married.