The production company for the upcoming SBS drama “Master’s Sun,” Bon Factory, recently released a set of pictures of the drama leads, Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub, that hint at the chemistry that viewers can expect from the drama.

These pictures are color-themed in black, white, and red, dressing the two actors in the same color, respectively for each picture. In the white and red themed pictures, Gong Hyo Jin has her arounds So Ji Sub, while in the black themed photo, So Ji Sub leans in for a hug. The two look comfortable, close, and relaxed, which seemingly doesn’t match the overall tone of their upcoming drama. “Master’s Sun” is about a man named Joong Won, played by So Ji Sub, who is a greedy and self-centered president of a department store and Gong Shil, played by Gong Hyo Jin, who has the ability to see ghosts which complicates her life. The drama will mix the genres of horror and romantic comedy.

“Master’s Sun” is set to air on August 7. Who is excited?

So Ji Sub Gong Hyo Jin 2

So Ji Sub Gong Hyo Jin 3

So Ji Sub Gong Hyo Jin 1