Actress Gong Hyo Jin recently revealed some interesting news regarding her watching her own upcoming drama, according to Sports Korea.

On July 30 at a press conference for the upcoming SBS drama “,” she announced, “I can’t watch scary movies. If ‘Master’s Sun’ is too scary, I won’t watch it.”

As ironic as it is, Gong Hyo Jin stars as a woman who can see ghosts in “Master’s Sun.” She added, “It’s to the point where I sometimes have to call my mom to be able to sleep. I’ve never seen a ghost personally, and I’ve never been paralyzed in fear from a nightmare, but I’m just very scared of ghosts. I’m afraid that our drama will be too scary for me to watch.”

She continued, “The actors who played the ghosts came out in makeup and dozed off and played games when the camera wasn’t rolling, so I was okay with it. Filming has become much more enjoyable since my first time on the set because I’ve gotten used to it. I just hope I don’t see a ghost for as long as I live,” emphasizing her phobia of ghosts.

“Master’s Sun” premieres August 7. Who’s watching?