On April 17, Gong Minzy held the showcase for her first mini album as a solo artist, MINZY WORK 01 UNO.

At the showcase, she also spoke about YG Entertainment, her previous agency during her time as a member 2NE1. She said, “After leaving YG and 2NE1, both of which were like my hometown, I was very nervous. I felt pressured to meet all of the expectations. Preparing my album was a good catalyst, as it was a new challenge for me and a new opportunity for me to grow.” Continuing, she explained that “YG is like my family’s ancestral home. After all, that is where I learned to sing and dance. It was a great help for many reasons. Because there was YG, there can be the artist Gong Minzy.”

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She described her new agency, Music Works, as having a family-like atmosphere. She compared her experience at Music Works with the more systematic process of YG, saying that now she works more hands-on and is able to contribute more ideas in the process.

Gong Minzy also addressed making the transition from a former girl group member to solo artist, stating “Of course there’s pressure. It would be a lie to say there wasn’t. There is pressure, and there are also aspects that make me nervous.” She said that she still communicates with the other members of 2NE1. “We monitor each other, and communicate with each other frequently. They also cheer me on a lot.”

Of the future, Gong Minzy said she hoped to be able to approach the public more naturally, and for the public to become familiar with her as an individual.

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