Actor Gong Myung took some time to look back on the past year.

Gong Myung’s agency, Fantagio, uploaded an interview with the actor on its homepage and official social media channels.

Through the interview, Gong Myung shared his thoughts on his productions, variety appearances, first solo fan meeting, pictures from his trips, and what items he always carries in his bag. The actor picked Byuk Soo from “Individualist Ms. Ji Young” as the character most similar to him, and shared that “Bride of the Water God” was a drama that he considered as a challenge. Gong Myung explained, “I learned that I am not afraid of heights through ‘Bride of the Water God,’ and so I want to try extreme sports.”

The actor went on to further discuss the characters from his productions in 2017. Gong Myung shared that he was frustrated by the suppressed personality of Jehoon from “Revolutionary Love” as it’s very different from his straightforward self, but he is thankful to have learned maturity from the character. Gong Myung also talked about experiencing the feelings of an office worker through his portrayal of Jehoon. He noted that as an actor, he experiences nothing more than a glimpse of other people’s lives. So while he can’t fully understand them, he still realizes the difficult parts. Gong Myung thus shared his desire to become an actor who tries hard to provide fun in the lives [of office workers] through good productions.

Gong Myung chose the kiss scene with actor Shin Jae Ha for their movie “Futureless Things” as the most memorable. The actor revealed he was nervous as it was a kiss scene with someone of the same sex.

Finally, Gong Myung shared some of his daily life with the viewers as well. He revealed pictures from his trip to America with his friends in 2017. Gong Myung chose England as the place he wants to travel to most, explaining he wants to watch a soccer game. Gong Myung also revealed the pencil case he’s been using ever since he received it as a gift from his parents in high school, and the cologne he received as a gift from fellow 5URPRISE member Lee Tae Hwan.

Gong Myung concluded the 30-minute interview, saying, “I was able to learn and experience a lot in 2017, and grow more. I am grateful for all the people who showed me love. I think the term rookie still fits me more. I will work hard to show a good side of myself in 2018 as well.”

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