On June 4, Gong Seung Yeon‘s agency stated, “Gong Seung Yeon has been casted for SBS’s 50 episode drama ‘Six Flying Dragons.’”

“Six Flying Dragons” is a historical drama about real historical figures Lee Bang-won, Jung Do-jeon, and Yi Seong-gye, as well as fictional characters Lee Bang-ji, Moo Hyool, and Boon Yi. The story encompasses these six individuals becoming “dragons” in order to set the foundation for a new land.

Gong Seung Yeon’s character Min Da Kyung will be one of Lee Bang-won’s romantic interests. Not only does she possess great beauty, she is also wise and does not lose in debates with scholars. While she is the most similar to Lee Bang-won amongst the women vying for his love, she does not end up receiving his love. Nevertheless, she does not despair over this and moves forward with her ambitions of becoming queen.

The actress has commented, “Acting is fun and I am continuing to learn. I am very thankful to the director and writers who gave me this opportunity. I will learn a lot from my co-stars and grow as an actor.”

“Six Flying Dragons” is now aiming to broadcast in October and plans to start filming in July. Yoo Ah In is expected to act as the male lead, Lee Bang-won, while Shin Se Kyung has been confirmed as the female lead for this drama.

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