According to reports, Goo Hara and her boyfriend are delaying police investigation.

On September 14, a source from the Criminal Affairs Division at the Gangnam Police Station told media outlet TV Report, “Goo Hara and her boyfriend are postponing the police’s requests for their presence [for questioning] day by day. They are turning down the investigation for reasons like personal schedules, going to the hospital, or because they need to do speak with their lawyers.”

Although her boyfriend was the one to report her to the police, he too is refusing the police investigation.

The day prior, media outlet Channel A released CCTV footage of police making their way to Goo Hara’s home. Although the video includes scenes of police in front of her home, Goo Hara and her boyfriend do not appear in it.

Previously, police received reports that Goo Hara had allegedly assaulted her boyfriend after he reportedly tried to break up with her.

Goo Hara’s agency stated, “Currently, Goo Hara’s manager and others are attempting to get in contact, and we will announce an official statement after checking.” The agency has yet to issue an official response.

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