KARA’s Goo Hara will be transforming into a writer as she releases her nail art book “Nail HARA” on June 12. The book is a collaboration between the singer and professional nail artist Kim Soo Jung from Trend N.

Directly participating in the making of her nail book, she designed various nail art inspired by her pets and Northern Europe. She also provides tips on how to take care of nails at home in section one. As for section two, information about body tattoos among other topics will be introduced.


Also, photos of Goo Hara and her daily lifestyle will be included. Since this is a collaboration with famed nail artist Kim Soo Jung, the book claims to have high quality nail art tips and will be different from existing nail art books.

“Nail HARA” aims to give nail art lovers the first look at nail trends that will be popular in 2015. Reservations for purchasing the book can be made at Trend N‘s official homepage starting June 5. The book will be available at bookstores nationwide beginning June 15.

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