Joo Young Hoon’s (A famous singer and songwriter) daughter stopped crying after seeing Kara’s Goo Hara.

On August 17th through his twitter, Joo Young Hoon wrote, “Goo Hara is taking care of my daughter Ara, she stopped crying the moment Goo Hara hugged her.

In the picture Goo Hara is wearing a traditional Korean dress and hugging Ara. Ara can be seen crying, but the moment she is hugged by Goo Hara, she stops crying.

Netizens have commented, “Wow so neat,” “The baby was probably surprised at Goo Hara’s beauty,” “Ara has a good eye for beauty,” “The two are so cute.
The reason Goo Hara is seen with Joo Young Hoon’s daughter is because, Goo Hara, Joo Young Hoon and Joo Young Hoon’s wife all appeared on a Hanbok (Korean Traditional Attire) fashion show that was held on August 16th.