On August 30th, during the production press conference of SBS’ new mini-series “The Musical” held at the Seoul Hakdong Convention Heritz, Goo Hye Sun revealed, “Before we recorded the songs, we had to film live singing. In order to reduce the nervousness before the filming, I would always drink a shot of raspberry wine (or “bokbunja-ju”, a Korean wine known for its health benefits).”

Marking her 2-year comeback to the small screen, Goo Hye Sun takes on the role of Goo Eun Bi, a medical student who dreams of becoming a musical actress. Her casting attracted much interest because Goo Hye Sun herself debuted as a singer and had released albums before. With regard to this, she said, “The songs in ‘The Musical’ were directly sung by me. I took lessons to ensure that no bad habits surface during my singing (in the drama).”

However, she revealed that her stage phobia was a major problem – “Usually, my hands tremble even if I just had to ascend two steps – this is how severe my stage phobia is. After getting approval from director Kim Kyung Yong, I was allowed to drink one to two shots of raspberry wine every time before filming.”

“The Musical” is a drama that aims to portray the fiery, passionate love on and off the musical stage. Besides Goo Hye Sun, other leads include Daniel Choi as top musical composer Jay Hong, Park Ki Woong as Yoo Jin, a cold-blooded investor who only cares about money, and Ock Joo Hyun as musical actress Bae Kang Hee, known also as the “queen of musicals.”

(L-R) Director Kim Kyung Yong, Writer Kim Hee Jae, Daniel Choi, Goo Hye Sun, Gi Eun Se, Park Ki Woong

Image credits: SBS, Hankyung.com, Wstar news, Issue Daily

The Musical 1st Preview