Goo Hye Sun, who has been active more as a director than actress these days, has said she kept unflattering photos of the F4 in her cellphone.

During KBS’s variety/talk show “Win Win!” broadcast on June 8th, Goo Hye Sun displayed her close relationship with drama “Boys over Flowers” F4 members Lee Min Ho, Kim Joon, Kim Bum and Kim Hyun Joong.

On the show, Goo Hye Sun said, “These days, I am still in contact with the F4 members.” She then added, “When we meet, we will mainly go for a drinking session and have gopchang (grilled intestines) along with some yeomtong (grilled ox heart).” She then went on, “I will sometimes take photos of the F4 when they get drunk and store the photos inside my cellphone,” surprising the other guests on the show.

Goo Hye Sun said that Kim Joon was the poorest drinker among them, and that she kept a photograph of him when he was in an intense and deep sleep due to his drunkenness. After taking the photos, she said to Kim Joon, “Before I upload the photos to the internet, please come along with a billion won,” disclosing a bit of playful blackmail.

KBS’s “Win Win” was broadcasted on June 8th.

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Source Cr: Newsen