Actress Goo Hye Sun has released a self-directed music video for her latest new age single, “After 10 Years 100 Years.”

On June 12, the star’s agency YG Entertainment released the music video via its official Youtube channel.

A soothing instrumental track, “After 10 Years 100 years” is a new age track that is written by Goo Hye Sun. She also directed the music video, which consists of shaky hand-held shots of herself and a cat. Throughout the video, three English phrases are repeated, superimposed on the video footage. The words read, “It is painful not to see him any more. Sometimes I have trouble remembering names and faces of people. I didn’t do that on purpose.”

Her second album was also released on June 12. It consists of 13 songs, all written by Goo Hye Sun herself.

Watch the music video for “After 10 Years 100 Years” below.