Recently, the winner of MBC’s “Star Audition 2Goo Ja Myung revealed how he lost almost 80 pounds.

On the episode of MBC’s “I Live Alone,” which was aired on July 5, Goo Ja Myung visited his mentor Kim Tae Won. Goo Ja Myung appeared to have lost a lot of weight, showing off a much leaner figure. When the viewers showed much interest in this change, Goo Ja Myung left a message for his fans the next day.

He stated, “It has been a while since I wrote. I only appeared briefly yesterday, but so many of you showed interest in me. Thank you.”

Goo Ja Myung continued, “After the end of ‘Star Audition,’ I felt that I had to become more professional, not only with respect to singing but also my appearance. I have, and still am, working hard in the areas of both singing and dieting. A lot of people are curious about how I lost weight! First, I walked 30 minutes before and after every meal. In addition to healthy eating, I also drink over four liters of water per day! I have tried many different diets, but healthy eating and regular exercise seem to work the best! Since the audition, I lost a total of 36 kg (80 pounds).”