Actress Goo Jae Yee is set to tie the knot!

Her agency My Company released an official press release to share the happy news. They stated, “Actress Goo Jae Yee will be holding a private wedding ceremony in Seoul on December 30. The couple will only be inviting their families and close friends.”

They went on to say, “Her fiancé is five years her senior and is a handsome non-celebrity. He is currently working as a university professor in France. They were introduced to each other through acquaintances and after approximately a year of dating, they have decided to tie the knot.”

The agency added, “After getting married, Goo Jae Yee will go back and forth between France and Korea to balance her roles as a wife and an actress. She will bring a new level of maturity to her roles when she returns, and we hope people will continue to watch over her warmly.”

Congratulations to Goo Jae Yee and her fiancé!

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