After performing for the first time in Los Angeles at KCON and winning their first music show, girl group Crayon Pop appeared on American morning news show, “Good Morning America.” 

The segment aired on July 28, asking the question “Will Crayon Pop Create a ‘Gangnam Style‘ Sensation?” The segment introduced the girl group and its widely popular song “Bar Bar Bar.” Comparing Crayon Pop’s five cylinder dance to PSY‘s horse dance, the segment also highlighted Internet parodies, including Kim Gura‘s on “Saturday Night Live Korea.” The segment also noted that while other K-Pop girl groups were using “erotic outfits and sexual moves,” Crayon Pop went against the trend with their track suits and motorcycle helmets. The girl group was also interviewed and explained through an interesting dub that their concept is to encourage people to go out and have fun. 

While the little girl group that could is growing in popularity and fame, it is coming at a price. Crayon Pop and their agency have recently been caught up in several scandals about chaebol investments and asking their fans for money. Hopefully all their troubles will be gone by the time they release “Bar Bar Bar 2.0” this month.