“The inspiration for the gorilla came from Moon Geun Young.” These are the words of Kim Yong Hwa, who directed the movie “Mr. Go,” according to Enews24. The gorilla is 45 years old, weighs nearly 285 kilograms, and was created using computer graphics technology that cost millions. What on earth is director Kim talking about?

On July 8, an event for “Mr. Go” was held at a restaurant in Gangnam, where director Kim shared behind the scene stories. It took three and a half years to create the gorilla using the computer graphics technology. He revealed, “The gorilla’s face was inspired by Moon Geun Young,” garnering attention from reporters.

The gorilla, whose name is Ling Ling, doesn’t seem to bear any likeness to Moon Geun Young, who is affectionately nicknamed “Korea’s little sister.” Ling Ling’s rough skin, jutted chin, and large features do not seem to share anything common with the popular actress.

Director Kim explained, “We only referenced the spacing between her eyes.  I find that a person with wide spacing between the eyes is very charming. It makes you want to protect and hug that person. In my opinion, Moon Geun Young has those kinds of eyes.”

He added, “Although Ling Ling is not a person, I wanted to give that effect to my audience. When the animators at the studio asked what kind of look I wanted, I told them to go off of Moon Geun Young.”

His explanation sounds like he is calling Moon Geun Young a gorilla! This wasn’t the case though. Director Kim continued, “I am by no means speaking ill of Moon Geun Young. It’s actually a compliment. I thought it was essential for Ling Ling to have the same innocent eyes that Moon Geun Young has. I think she’s a phenomenal actress, and I’d love to work with her someday.”

“Mr. Go” is a comedy movie about a gorilla named Ling Ling with a 15 year old manager named Wei Wei. Ling Ling plays professional baseball, and becomes a superstar.  “Mr. Go” will appear on screens nationwide starting July 17. You can view a music video for the OST song “Bye” sung by Girls’ Generation Taeyeon by clicking here.

Moon Geun Young