GOT7‘s BamBam once revealed at the Project Blur: MarkBam event and fan meeting that he used to avoid the other members. During the event, he reflected on his younger years.


BamBam recalled having been interested in fortune-telling when he was younger. As a result, during his trainee days, he was curious about what the other members of GOT7 were really like so he visited and consulted with a fortune-teller.


He gave the fortune-teller the other trainees’ photos and the response was shocking, considering what we know now! The fortune-teller advised BamBam to avoid Jackson and Mark. They described Jackson as a “dangerous person” and Mark as a “person you shouldn’t hang out with,” basically implying they would be bad for BamBam.

jackson mark
Pre-debut Mark (left) and Jackson (right) | BamBam/Weibo

BamBam remembered that he ignored his fellow rappers for weeks! Thankfully, they made up. What would we do without the iconic GOT7 rap line’s friendship?

got7 rap line
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