Shy is definitely not a word one would use to describe GOT7‘s BamBam. He does have a reputation for being a master at flirting, after all.

He’s been shooting his best shot since day one!

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He’s just trying to express his love for people, especially towards Ahgase.

bambam flirting
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The saga of BamBam flirting with fans has continued! Recently quarantined, BamBam has been using the newfound free time to catch up with Ahgases. Before going to bed, he slipped into his VLIVE channel’s chat room and hit up fans with some pick-up lines.

Here are 7 of the best pick-up lines:

1. He’s certainly got a way with words.

bambam pickup line

2. Wow, never heard this one before.


3. Whose fault is that?


4. This should work on about anybody.


5. Of course, the old faithful.

bambam pickup2

6. When you’re out of pick-up lines, why not use song lyrics?

7. Belieber BamBam confirmed.