It seems like GOT7‘s fans, Ahgases, are top class when it comes to the Korean language. Recently, international Ahgases’ impressive Korean skills have become a hot topic amongst Korean fans.

| JYP Entertainment

International Ahgases claim to have learnt Korean due to Division 2.


  • “What’s this… why are international baby birds (ahgase) so good at Korean?”
  • “I don’t know”
  • “We had no choice but to learn Korean. Division 2 is useless.”



  • “Fr, they don’t have subs neither do they give proper translations. They’re so f*cking bad at their jobs that I hoped to be able to help other international fans so I learnt Korean. But I guess I’m kinda thankful? Without them I wouldn’t have been able to attend a SKY college (top 3 colleges in Korean) neither would I have been able to speak 3 languages and learn how to edit videos.”
  • “F*ck we had no choice but to learn because they don’t give us subs”
  • “What why are there so many people that are surprised? I’m Russian.”

Korean netizens are amazed at the dedication Ahgases put into learning the language.

Screenshot 2020-11-30 at 2.29.24 PM

  • “No but aren’t they Koreans fr????? Just how much did they not put in subs that their Korean skills became top class kkkkkk JYP please reflect – where did you spend all that money?”
  • “I thought this was a joke when they said ‘It’s faster for me to learn Korean rather than have Division 2 learn English’….”
  • “kkkkkkkkk Division 2 kkkkkkkk every ahgase hopes they will be dissolved.”

It looks like Ahgases really made lemonade out of lemons! We applaud their dedication and skills.