GOT7‘s Jackson Wang recently was interviewed by Esquire to discuss his solo ventures, including his new single, “LMLY” (also known as “Leave Me Loving You”).

jackson esquire

Originally from Hong Kong, Jackson has been living most of his time the past ten years in Seoul. Having always been close with his parents, he has frequently said that he misses his parents while he’s away from them.

I’ve been separated from my parents for the past ten years. Growing up, I felt like my parents were warriors. I think about a lot of stuff they didn’t have to do, like putting me in school.

— Jackson Wang

jackson parents3
Jackson with his parents. | @jacksonwang852g7/Instagram

He briefly shared how his parents helped support him through the years. He remembered their decision to enroll him at the American International School Hong Kong after his public school teachers suggested he had ADHD. After all the years his parents sacrificed for him, Jackson now wants to give back.

Everything that they did for me, as a kid I thought, ‘You’re my parents, you have to do that’. But they had their own dreams. It’s my time to protect, love and give them a good life.”

— Jackson Wang

jackson parents2
Jackson with his parents | @jacksonwang852g7/Instagram

Growing up, it seemed like Jackson would be following in his parents’ footsteps. Having a professional fencer for a father, Jackson had initially pursued an athletic career as a fencer and even went to the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics. He ultimately rejected a scholarship from Stanford University to pursue a career in music.

jackson dad2
Jackson with his dad | South China Morning Post

Despite Jackon moving in a completely different direction in both his career and location, his parents remained supportive of their son. He hopes that now that he has become successful, he can support his family.

Check out Jackson’s new single, “LMLY” below: