Psychometry is the ability to discover facts about an event or person by touching objects associated with them. In He Is Psychometric, Lee Ahn played by GOT7‘s Jinyoung had these powers and it turns out that Jinyoung himself wouldn’t mind using the psychometric powers on BamBam!


Not too long ago, Jinyoung was in Bangkok for his He Is Psychometric fan meeting. Besides meeting with fans, he also did a short interview where he was asked if there was any GOT7 member he would like to do psychometry on.


Jinyoung immediately thought of two members he would like to use it on, JB because he wanted to know more about JB before they had met…


And BamBam for one very specific reason!


Before Jinyoung had made his way to Thailand for the event, Jinyoung revealed that BamBam had reached out and asked Jinyoung if he could be his MC for the event. As the event got closer, however, BamBam completely stopped contacting him and Jinyoung wants to know why!


With the mystery still unsolved, maybe Jinyoung will be able to borrow Lee Ahn’s psychometric abilities to find out someday!