GOT7 recently performed in Melbourne and brought some serious heat to the stage with their performances, made plenty of precious memories with Ahgase, and of course, had plenty of hilarious moments too including one very extra moment during their performance of “Paradise”.


When Jinyoung and Yugyeom are left to their own devices, well, you’re never really sure what you are going to get. Sometimes you’ll get some sweet moments between the two, other times you’ll see them goof off together, but more likely than not Jinyoung and Yugyeom will go full “Tom and Jerry” which is exactly what happened during “Paradise”!

jinyoung yugyeom


During one part of the song, Jinyoung decided to tease Yugyeom by singing directly to him.


In response, Yugyeom lightly reached out his hand to put it on Jinyoung’s chin but brushed his neck instead.


And when that happened, well, Jinyoung went for the most extra reaction ever!


Very, very extra reaction!



Although the moment was quick, eagle-eyed fans quickly caught sight of it and couldn’t help cracking up hard!


Well, they are the “Tom and Jerry” of GOT7 after all!