GOT7’s Jackson shared a special moment celebrating the Lunar New Year (also known as the Chinese New Year) with American comedian, actor, and producer Kevin Hart!

Earlier in the day, Jackson shared a fun video on his social media accounts with the caption, “Happy Chinese New Year, Kevin Hart.” The clip showed Jackson and Team Wang surprising Kevin Hart during a meeting to celebrate the Lunar New Year, even bringing in an ice sculpture of a pig, as it is the Year of the Pig, and lion dance performers.

Kevin Hart shared the same video on his Instagram account with the caption, “I got a surprise visit from Jackson yesterday. Gotta love him… I appreciate you, man. This was dope as hell.”

Jackson shared an additional video, showing him teaching Kevin Hart how to introduce himself and wish everyone a happy new year in Chinese, and he included the hashtag “My hero” to describe Kevin Hart. Sincerely following along as Jackson taught him, Kevin Hart said, “Hi, everyone. I am Kevin Hart. Happy New Year,” and “Have a prosperous New Year.” The video ended with Kevin Hart saying his famous catchphrase “You gonna learn today!” for Jackson.

Jackson has been hinting at bigger things to come in recent days, including sharing a photo of himself with legendary American record producer Jimmy Iovine, the co-founder of the major U.S. label Interscope Records.