On the September 27 episode of “Two O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show,” GOT7 members talked about their new song, “Lullaby.”

GOT7 introduced “Lullaby” and explained that the song tries to portray the sweet and fluttering emotions between lovers. They also pointed out that it is also a energetic song with powerful choreography.

However, JB confessed that the choreography is very difficult. “It’s so hard to keep up with all the moves because it’s so hard. When we pre-record music shows early in the morning, fans might think that we get easily sleepy since our song is called ‘Lullaby.’ Rather, we wake up because the dance is too energetic. We just can’t fall asleep. There’s one part in our choreography where we all pretend to be sleeping, but that’s just 0.2 seconds. My motto is ‘Always do your best,’ but it’s hard to live up to my motto when the dance is so hard that you can’t even keep a straight face. I’m exercising every day because of this.”

Other members also mentioned how they felt towards the choreography. Youngjae said, “To me, it’s different day by day.” Meanwhile, Mark said, “I’m old, but I’m fine.” BamBam concluded the confession relay by saying, “I’m young, so it’s fine for me.”

Check out GOT7’s cute but powerful performance video below!

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