JB is joining a new variety show!

On February 21, an industry representative reported, “GOT7’s JB is appearing on tvN’s ‘Prison Life of Fools’ (literal translation) as a fixed member.”

“Prison Life of Fools” is a variety show where the cast members will divide themselves into different teams and play various games to find the hidden “mafia” member.

Led by the main MC Kim Tae Jin, previously confirmed cast members for the show include Lee Soo Geun, Jung Hyung Don, Hwang Jae Sung, Jang Do Yeon, Lee Sang Yeob, Kim Jong Min, SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan, and IZ*ONE’s Choi Ye Na.

As part of “Amazing Saturday,” “Prison Life of Fools” is set to premiere on March 16 at 6:10 p.m. KST.

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