GOT7’s Mark recently took time with Dazed Magazine to pose for his first ever solo photo shoot.

Known to be one of the GOT7 members most interested in fashion, he pulled off a variety of outfits in his own unique way, showing off his potential as an up-and-coming fashion star.

When asked what his main focus is when it comes to styling, he responded, “Comfortable clothes are the best no matter what. Especially as we have to take a lot of flights, I tend to avoid clothes that may look good but are uncomfortable. I prefer comfy and stylish.”

In addition, Mark also spoke about his recent “Law of the Jungle” experience in New Zealand. “Because we had to find food and build shelter all day in the jungle, I didn’t even have to time to think about my phone or Internet. I wanted to hurry back to Seoul and eat kimchi stew (kimchi jjigae) and spicy rice cakes (ddeokbokki).”

Regarding GOT7’s upcoming Japan arena concert in June, he shared with excitement, “When we opened for 2PM there a few years ago, we wondered when we would be able to hold our own concert like that. We are finally performing our own concert on that same stage, so we are really happy and thankful.”

Check out the rest of Mark’s interview and photo shoot in the May issue of Dazed Magazine!

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