Fashion magazine The Star recently invited GOT7’s Mark to feature in the magazine’s February issue.

In his interview accompanying the photo shoot, Mark said participating in various fashion magazine shoots has given him a newfound interest in fashion. “I wore short shorts for the first time recently, and it was interesting. I want to try a lot of different things for photo shoots and show a lot of different sides to me.”

Talking about GOT7’s new variety show, “GOT7’s Real Thai,” he said, “Everyone said they were surprised at my humor. I like teasing friends and goofing around, but this time, I think more of my comfortable, real self came out. We filmed walking around here and there, and I think everyone will enjoy it.”

The main interest in his life is always GOT7, said Mark. “Now that some time has passed since our debut, the members talk to each other more. If someone looks tired, we’ll give them support.” He mentioned that he himself went through a period of uncertainty. “Before, there was a time when I thought to myself, ‘What am I doing?’ I was sure that I was doing something I liked, but I was confused whether or not it was right for me.”

GOT7 celebrated their fifth anniversary on January 16, and when asked how much of his goal he’s achieved, Mark said, “Honestly, when I was a trainee, I wanted to be at the very top, winning daesangs (grand prizes). But after debuting, I realized how hard it is to do that. These days, I don’t wish for those things. I just want to continue communicating with our fans and making music that we like.”

In 2019, Mark said he wants to try vacationing alone. “I’ve lived in the United States before, so Europe. For just six days, I want to go on a trip.”

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