On June 24, GOT7’s Youngjae posted on Instagram to ask sasaengs to stop invading his privacy.

In addition to posting a photo of his dog Coco, he wrote, “Stop sending me KakaoTalk messages. Please. Stop. It’s been going on for five months. Seriously, please. stopstopstopstopstopstopstopstopstop”

This isn’t the first time that GOT7 has spoken out about sasaengs.

In June 2016, Youngjae politely asked fans to stop invading his privacy via a post on his Instagram. In September of the same year, fellow GOT7 member Jackson was involved in a car accident due to fans following him on his way to the airport in China.

In July 2017, GOT7’s Mark also wrote about being followed to their dorm from the airport by fans and asked them to stop.

GOT7 recently embarked on their “Eyes on You” world tour, which will take them to 17 cities around the world.