The agencies of Yoon Shi Yoon and Jin Se Yeon have responded to reports of their relationship.

On May 16, industry representatives reported that the two actors are dating. One representative commented, “Most people on set sensed their relationship as they couldn’t hide their affection for each other well.”

In response, a representative from Yoon Shi Yoon’s agency MOA Entertainment shared, “Shi Yoon is currently here right now, and he says he doesn’t know why such news was released. They have never met outside [of work]. The dating rumors are definitely not true,” and added, “It seems that dating rumors were released based on just assumptions. There is no evidence.”

Jin Se Yeon’s agency Earlybird Entertainment replied, “Jin Se Yeon heard about the news while going around to interviews with news outlets,” and continued, “We checked with her personally, and it is not true. While filming ‘Grand Prince’ for six months, all the cast members became close. We do not understand why it was reported as dating rumors. They seem to have risen just because they are really close.”

The two actors starred as the leads of recent historical drama “Grand Prince,” which came to a close with impressive ratings on May 6.

If you haven’t yet, begin watching “Grand Prince” below:

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