Shinhwa is gaining attention for expressing their regrets on going public with their past romantic relationships.

On March 13, during the broadcast of KBS “Win Win,” Shinhwa was asked, “Were Shinhwa members in a relationship during their past group activities?” to which they unanimously answered, “Yes.”

Lee Min Woo, especially, expressed great regret in going public with his relationships saying, “I don’t know why I felt so cool about it.”

In the past, members Eric, Jun Jin, and Lee Min Woo went public about their relationships. Jun Jin said, “When I went public about my relationships, I thought it was good because I was honest. But when that relationship didn’t last onto marriage, I think back and regret my decision.” Eric was the first person to reveal his girlfriend to the public, but when asked if he will continue to disclose his future relationships, he answered with a short, “NO.” 

When the MC’s continued to ask the group if they would still reveal their relationship to the public, Kim Dong Wan answered, “I think the people wouldn’t care even if we go on dates in broad daylight” bringing laughter to the studio.

Meanwhile, on this broadcast, Eric revealed his change in ideal person from just a “woman who is very beautiful” to “If I have to give something up from my ideal woman’s (list), I will give up, looks.” Also, Kim Dong Wan was chosen as the member who puts most weight on when the woman’s birthday is, as well as her blood type and astrological sign when looking for his ideal mate.

On this episode, Shinhwa reminded their fans of their promise to never disband.