The gugudan members are so sweet!

gugudan’s Mimi attended a press conference in Seoul for the new oksusu web drama “I Picked Up a Celebrity on the Street.”

As the title suggests, it is a romantic comedy drama that revolves around a single woman who accidentally picks up a global star on the streets and his hilarious endeavors to be free of her. The cast includes Sung Hoon, Kim Ga Eun, Park Soo Ah (formerly known as Lizzy), and Ji Ho Sung.

When asked if received support from her members for her acting, Mimi answered, “When one of us are in a drama, we sit in the living room and monitor each other. They always send me photo proof that they’re watching. I was nervous because I am acting for the first time, but Mina sends me texts like, ‘Don’t be nervous, and do your best!’ My members make sure I’m eating well, and they were a huge strength for me.”

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Top Photo Credit: Xportsnews