The footage on karaoke screens can often be outdated, and singer Gummy expressed her displeasure about the clips from her debut days that are still played.

On June 9, singers Kim Hyung Joong and Gummy appeared as guests on the radio channel MBC FM4U’s “Date at 2PM.”

When DJ Park Kyung Lim asks, “Is there a memory you want to erase since your debut,” Gummy replies, “I want to get rid of the karaoke room screens that show footage of me from my debut days. I want to call the company [behind them] and complain.”

The others assure Gummy that she is not alone in her sentiments. Park Kyung Lim shares, “I’m still shown with angels, dancing around,” while Kim Hyung Joong pipes in, “If anything, I think mine are worse.”

gummy 2

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