Unfortunately for H.O.T fans, recent rumors of a reunion concert have been dismissed as “groundless.”

On April 25, the members themselves reported to Star News, stating, “The news that we will be having a reunion concert in September is untrue. Holding a concert, even in terms of time, is impossible.”

The rumors come after the members of H.O.T were seen having dinner with SM Entertainment’s representative producer and former CEO, Lee Soo Man. However, immediately after that, H.O.T stated, “There was only ordinary conversation in a comfortable atmosphere between them. There was absolutely no discussion on the possibility of a reunion at that meeting.”

Member Moon Hee Jun later addressed the rumors on his radio show “Jung Jae Hyung and Moon Hee Jun’s Enjoyable Life.” Moon Hee Jun said, “We’re making an effort [to have a reunion concert], but nothing has been decided on yet. I ask that reporters refrain from speculative articles.”

What are your thoughts on the rumors?

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