As Haha mentioned MC Mong on the most recent episode of KBS “Win Win,” people are paying close attention to his recent whereabout. In 2011, MC Mong left the showbiz industry after being accused of intentionally delaying his enlistment by extracting what could have been normal teeth. 

MC Mong was sentenced to six months in prison and a year under probation for his intentional delaying of joining the army. However, he was cleared from allegations of extracting teeth unreasonably. Since this incident, MC Mong vanished. No one has heard of him, including his colleagues, friends, and news journalists. Not even a netizen paparazzi picture has surfaced online. He only resurfaces in the real world when he has to appear in court.  

When inquired about MC Mong’s whereabout, his agency commented, “He has shut himself up at home. He’s still reluctant to leave the house. He has not been able to work on his music, either. He does not plan on making a comeback anytime soon.”  

After Haha’s recent mentioning of MC Mong, netizens are also expressing their concerns and longing for him. They commented, “I miss MC Mong,” “I want to listen to his new songs. I’ve been replaying his old hits repeatedly.” “He is guilty for what he has done, but I hope that does not mean he has failed. I hope he can overcome this.”

On the most recent episode of KBS “Win Win,” Haha briefly talked about MC Mong. He said, “I haven’t been able to talk to him since I’ve been really busy. I only got to talk to him on the phone last night. It hurts me to watch him losing his smile. He doesn’t laugh much.” 

Haha also left a video message to MC Mong in efforts to cheer him up. Haha told MC Mong in his message, “Mong, you’ve always been like tenacious weeds. I hope one day you will be Shin Dong Hyun whom I will work with, have fun, and sing with on TV screens again. I really love you and support you.” Ha Ha choked up a little bit during this video message.