Actress Ha Ji Won has now changed into a fashion bag designer.

Ha Ji Won has collaborated with Crocodile Lady, a women’s casual brand where she’s the exclusive model. “Ji Won’s Bag” is a special gift to celebrate Ha Ji Won being an exclusive model for 2 years. She has previously collaborated with Crocodile Lady to come out with “Secret Jean,” which received hot responses and much success.

She worked on this project for 3 months. Even though she was busy filming and attending her other schedules, she showed much passion by taking the time to carefully look over each detail like the pattern, pick the materials and stay active in the decision makings til the very end.

“Ji Won’s Bag” is tailored as a luxurious item made from cowhide and the “y” symbol is designed to accentuate sophistication. It’s a very practical and versatile bag, where it can be used as a business bag or carried every day.

Crocodile Lady’s design director, Jung So Young says, “Ha Ji Won has always held an interest in fashion and bags. She was able to think about the consumer and look after every single detail.” She adds, “I believe that many women will show favorable response this fall.”

“Ji Won’s Bag” will be available for sale in all department stores starting this September.