As we reported earlier, Ha Ji Won appeared on the “Win Win” episode broadcast on April 3. On the show she talked about how she almost became blind. The eye problem had occurred while filming the movie “Love So Divine” in 2004.

Ha Ji Won also talked about injuries while doing action scenes. She stated, “I fractured my neck bone while filming. It was pretty serious but it almost became even more problematic because I did not know how bad it was.”

She spoke about the eye injury as well, “While filming outside a bug stung my eye and I had to wear bandages over my eye for about a month. At the time my eye was like a monster. I was worried if I could go back to how I was before. It was so extreme that I even though, ‘Can I go back to my acting life?’”

Ha Ji Won also spoke about her love for action, “I want to do new action scenes. I cry due to frustration when I am acting out action scenes but I recover quickly. I think I love action.”