On the recording of “Win Win” that will broadcast on April 3, Ha Ji Won revealed that she almost became blind! Ha Ji Won said during the recording, “While filming outdoors I hurt my eye and had to cover it with a bandage for over a month. I was worried if I could go back to how I looked. It was so extreme that I even though ‘Can I return to being an actress?’”

The accident occurred in 2004 while she was filming “Love So Divine.” Something got into her eye and she began to rub it. Later she couldn’t even open her eye and at the hospital she got an examination. It turned out that she had ripped 1cm of her cornea and had an infection.

Filming had to continue for “Love So Divine.” Ha Ji Won took a break for a week and then returned to film the movie. After the incident she became a cornea donor in the case that she dies. (Almost the same as organ donors)