Ha Ji Won appeared on the episode of SBSRunning Man” that was broadcast on March 18. She appeared with Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko. This episode of “Running Man” went with the concept of a sports competition and the title was “The 1st Running Man Sports Competition.”

Ha Ji Won teamed up with Leessang’s Gary and played badminton. Ha Ji Won cared about Gary’s well-being and all the other “Running Man” members were envious.

Also, during the episode Ha Ji Won showed off her variety show skills. (In Korea, being funny on a variety show is called a skill in itself.) When Yoo Jae Suk asked Ha Ji Won’s age, Ha Ji Won replied with “Oppa~ Just keep driving~” in a cute way. Also, when she saw Yoo Jae Suk take off his glasses, she acted completely shocked exclaiming “You look like a completely different person!”