The film “Korea” which stars Ha Ji Won and Bae Doo Na will be released in May. Ha Ji Won will play the South Korean ping pong star “Hyun Jung Hwa,” and Bae Doo Na plays the North Korean ping pong athlete “Lee Boon Hee.”

“Korea” is based on the true story about the first united North-South Korean ping pong team at the 1991 World Championships. “Hyun Jung Hwa” received the gold medal at the event. Last year, we reported that Ha Ji Won was receiving private lessons from “Hyun Jung Hwa.”

The ping pong games in the movie are going to be realistic! Anticipation is high because it is being said that she will portray the actual ping pong star “Hyun Jung Hwa” accurately. Also, Bae Doo Na used to be an actual ping pong player during elementary school.