At a press conference on June 22 for the upcoming star-studded blockbuster “Assassination,” Ha Jung Woo revealed that he decided he had to be in the film because of the unbelievably cool name of the character he was up for.

He says, “I made up my mind to appear in the film because I liked the name ‘Hawaii Pistol.’ 50 percent of the reason why I decided to appear in the film was just the name.”

“Assassination” is set during the 1930s in colonial Korea, when an independence fighter, a nationalist government agent, and a hit man come together to carry out an assassination. Hawaii Pistol, the role played by Ha Jung Woo, is a hit man and an outlaw based in Shanghai who will kill anyone he’s asked to, if the pay’s right.

The film also stars Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Jung Jae, and will be opening in Korea on July 22.

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